Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well nothing much happened in February this year. We celebrated Chinese New Year in the Bhuddist Temple and we had a Texas Hold'em Poker Game with friends which I naturally won (see pictures below). Then last Saturday I met with some old friends from school, which was really great especially since I hadn't seen some of them in ten years. That's however about all that happened.

Only 4 players left, I got lots of chips and its 3 in the morning...

The whole group of players (except for the kid! what did you think?!? *grin*) at 5am.

I am currently writing papers for two-three conferences, so that I can lift my profile as a doctoral candidate. The topic goes in the direction of enabling new teaching and learning scenarios through the use of graphical arrangements, with a special focus on overlays and using these in test situations. The PhD Thesis will then enlarge the picture with a refeshingly interesting concept that is, admittedly not totally new but has never really been explored in this specific way... WARNING: If you haven't dozed of while reading this, you are on steroids!

Also I am now the proud owner of a Wacom tablet, so I got a new digital signature you can check out. If everything goes well, there may be a lot more to report next time around...



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