Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Long time, no see ;)

Hi everybody,

as you may have noticed there haven't been any updates for over half a year. I have been busy writing my doctoral thesis and doing other important stuff. There were some nice things that happened in the past month that I might have blogged about, but somehow I couldn't really bring myself to doing it :)

Anyways I do not really think that blogging about just anything is worth the effort, but I wanted to say that I have been accepted with papers on four conferences this year, three of which I am going to visit. So tomorrow, or looking at the time actually today, I will fly to Graz in Austria and participate in the iKnow conference which is part of the larger TripleI. I'll return on Saturday, with hopefully interesting or funny pictures and a report of what a conference and Graz are like.

This photo was taken at the Japanese garden in Leverkusen at the wedding of a friend, it is just meant to illustrate how gorgeous I'll look in one of my new suits at the conference :)

So till Sunday when I might write about these experiences or some time later when I return from the other two conferences (one in Hamburg one in Quebec). Have a good time everybody




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