Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter gone, we enter springtime...

Well don't you know how quick time flies by? I wanted to blog about our nice New Years Eve which we spend with friends in Stuttgart and about the Heinz-Nixdorf symposium we visited. They had a Maserati Gran Turismo Coupe, a Jaguar MK Cabrio and an Audi R8 there on show and naturally I tried them out. Well you could only really sit in the Jaguar, but better then nothing, ey? But since I am wrapping up writing my doctoral thesis (It looks as if I'll finish in April), you may imagine I have been busy. I mean it is not as if I have ever been a busy writer on the net... I do not even like presenting myself too much where everyone has access to, but on the other hand, it is nice to have something you and your family can look back to in a few years to see what you did back then ;)

I will not promise to write any more again, as that is just a plain lie. I mean it is not as if that many people ever read my blog anyways. However sometimes I have a nice picture or twp that I want to share and while I still haven't gotten around to opening a Flickr account (or did I?!?), I will post them here with a comment or two sometimes. So here's one with a little story:

My little Werefrog Petpet (who refers to himself as Pitpit) whom you all met in my Christmas Card last year (last post too *grin*) has been home alone a lot this week, because I have been helping Ping finish her diploma thesis with corrections. So I promised him to take him along to the birthday party of a friend, so that he could talk to people there (the girls just love him, though it is always a little emberassing for me *grin*). Well, honestly, I forgot. So I come back and he had cried and so I promised him to make it up to him.

I know he wanted a companion for soo long now and since he is only 4 and practically an innocent child (meaning that he is happy with tickles and the occasional kiss) I finally gave in and got him a little girl-frog to play with. He named her 'Kuki' which, since he can't write was meant to be "Cookie". Petpet loves cookies and since he loves her too, this is what he chose to call her - following this 'logic' she could just as well have been named 'Kandi' or 'Gabesh' ;) Anyways, its springtime and everyone's hungry for love (probably, I mean how would I know working on the desk with dusty books [well PC notebooks] all the time?). So above's a picture of the two to get you in the mood...


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