Thursday, October 27, 2005

First G5-squad design

Hi guys, not much today, just the promised G5-design. Kalli this is for you, our expert sniper! Though Crawler and Sarge are quite adequate snipers as well they are not even close to your 'camping skills' >;o)

My little G5-design for you buddy - Eh voilá:

Hope GOLD is to your liking!!! I call it the 'Sniper's Goldfinger' - or if you like that better 'Goldmember' >;o)


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The lost things...

Tonight is gonna be a glorious night over in america, when it will be finally revealed what the meaning of the hatch is. We have all gotten the hints and I will spoil it for our German readers: It's a quarantaine shelter of some sort, since the illness that Danielle has been talking about seems to be much more real than anyone imagined... Well I still can't get this picture out of my head: Well guys, I really do hope they bring the new episodes out in Germany as fast as possible! Now GET LOST >;o) Don't want to? Well okay than you get the special surprise: Here's what I found on the net, from episode 2 season 2, it will reveal large parts of Kate's secret >;o) Be warned... large spoiler >;o)

I know you want more... GO GET IT YOURSELF!!!