Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What did I like about the E3?

A lot! Even more! For one... I am going to buy a PS3! I love the games that are coming out for it and I do especially like the game you see below: Final Fantasy 13 however will not only come out as one game, it will come out as 3 games, giving you access to certain sides of the story. It will be much like the Final Fantasy 7 Compilation. So for me I guess the main FF13 will be the only real option.

The sad thing however is that I haven't even played Final Fantasy 12 yet,
since the expected release date over here in Europe (just like in America) is around September to October 2006. With the newly anounced worldwide release date for the PS3 on the 17th of November that doesn't really leave much time to play through 12 on the PS2 before embarking on journeys on the new console...

I did however observe that Gears of War on the XBOX 360 looks intriguingly well, even better than the similar PS3 title Killzone, which is in my opinion however not due to hardware limitations but due to the developers' abilities. Look at the FF13 trailer and you will see that the ingame scenes look just like the cutscenes. There is next to no noticable difference. THAT is how it's done!!!

Congratulations Square-Enix, despite your utter lack of well behaviour towards us European pigs at least you show us that you deserve to look down on us - wait wasn't there this German developer Crytek showing their new game Crysis?

Oh hell yes there was... Guess even the guys at Square could learn something from these guys - now who's the winner bros? The realism guys from Germany or the artsy cultists from Square? Well both are in my opinion however standing next to Japanese guys quite often lately, my pal Steve said: "As a 6 foot European, you look down on them just naturally..." What does that tell us? I don't know, I just need a coffee. See you next time (month?!?) - Staroc

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