Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Guys... I moved. Not as usual to another website/provider/web-whatsoever, not to reach for the fridge, not to go to the toilet - no were talking moving houses here. Or flats to be more exact. I am leaving the tidy, surveyable 14 m² of my old student accomodation (which at least included my own bathroom with shower) for a proper 60m² flat that is worthy of a 'still wannabe PhD' like me.

The thing is huge! My bedroom alone is bigger than my old flat with bathroom included and I am not talking about the super large living/dining room!!! It's just gorgeous.

However as with everything good in the world there's a downside: It is a tid-bit expensive AND there's a lot of cleaning to do >;o) - Well both things I can definatly manage. Now however I still need to finish moving (assembling IKEA furniture, cleaning, I am already finished with painting at last [which sadly isn't something I can say about my Warhammer minis] and I got all the stuff from my old flat over - Now I just need to decide where to put it...there is luckily enough space!!!), while at the same time supporting my girlfriend who is currently close to the deadline of her Bachelor thesis (ends 1st of August).

Today after a verbal lasersword duel with those telecom-pimps (which due to my Chanbara Arts I won) I have working DSL again. REJOYCE!!!

So I will be able to pester you with boring once-a-monce posts for just a little longer... The trip to Canada for the whole of September and Crete (Work but still CRETE!!!) thereafter, is drawing awfully close and this will be added to the things that need to be done/prepared. At least I already have my passport and the tickets...

Well for now, I bid you goodbye without new pictures and tell you what, maybe around this time next month my brother will finally have bought the PSP he's been longing for and I will have defeated and humiliated him in about any game he brings up, except maybe for racing :( ...ah I'll go practice!!!

See ya around - Staroc