Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy New Year...

Well it is sometimes amazing to discover that some freaking idiot has been playing around with your credit card during christmas and even more amazing to discover (after some frantic phone calls - I tell ya) that this idot was basically you yourself. Damn it. Then as a new year's resolution you tell yourself that you will lay low a little in January only to find yourself taking out your girl-friend for French food and Bowling.

Ok it wasn't French food, but i was still expensive and we went out almost every fucking day of my first remaining week of holidays, which coincidentally happened to be the first week of January. Well then you bring your car to have its anual (YES the 'u' BELONGS there, you gay twarts!!!) inspection and they tell you that it is now 5 years old and hohoho be merry it's gona cost you a lot. Well I guess I became quite pale when they showed me the bill, as you might imagine. I looked like radioactive milk in a to speak. Now well now I'll have to live on bread and water for the rest of the month, so don't expect to hear much from me except bitching around about everyone else or anything expensive... so I am sort of back to normal.

Which brings me to another thing that costs me money, since Sarge convinced Crawler and Shooter (yup the guys from my squad that I tend to call friends) to try Everquest 2, I reactivated my account and am now playing as a Froglok. Yup you heard right, a walking, talking, bipedal, amphibious, slimey and green frog by the name of Pitpit. You can admire a picture of him further down. The first one is from my former character a Ratonga or rat-men (you might observe what kind of characters I tend to play *grin*) who always was in a bloody good mood, or not...

So now, because of having spent a lot of money, starting work again and having not that much fun playing the game, poor Pitpit will so to speak be put into cryogenetic stasis until I decide to reactivate the account once again. I'll be sure to let you guys know!