Thursday, September 22, 2005

Nintendogs goes Everquest...

Have you heard the news? Digital Pets sell well... Not really news in my opinion, since this is something I knew since that Tamagotchi wave during my childhood swamped over the world. Well however if you remember Sarge Starlight from my BF2 Squad that you have already seen in some of my short comics on this blog is also (strangely?!?) an Everquest 2 fan.

Well Crawler and I had this conversation about giving Starlight something nice for birthday, like a dog. We were laughing a lot about that, since Starlight will be turning 29 (almost 30) without a girl at his side and showing the first signs of age... (Like part of his digestive tract, deciding to leak explosively... yeah you get the picture). So we thought about getting him a hat, a stick and a dog, a dachshund. I suggested naming it 'Purzel' since that was what my grandfather (god bless his soul) called his dachshund.

We started laughing even harder when we thought that there should be a plaque or digital code-card of some kind coming with the pet, allowing Starlight to take Purzel the dog with him into the game Everquest 2 he so loves to play. Now that is SOME strong marketing argument, don't you think? Your true companion for hunting in real and digital life! A man's second best friend. A reason to live. OK, I'll stop it alright! Here is however the graphical result of our conversation depicted in a scene that vividly haunted our minds. Please imagine Starlight speaking with a scottish or a strong german (Cologne-Area) accent:

Well Starlight, since I know you read this blog aswell...I'll be out of country for a while *grin* AND I hope this doesn't spoil your birthday surprise for next year... >;o) Staroc out!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle...

Well well well... looks that there were no BIG news or a lot of fun stuff in the last few days going on, especially with out German elections and the 'interesting' results, but let's not bath in pessimism:

Have you seen the 2004 movie Kung-Fu Hustle? Great movie! Fun, fist-on and wacky where needed. I like that! No me as a gamer asks himself, how come there are no cool kung-fu games out there reflecting some of that Hong Kong fun-style? Why aren't there any proper Kung-Fu games... Well as a language analyst you might add that kung-fu only means 'always train' and that some freaking games require exactly that to become well enough to earn ranks (yeah I KNOW what I am speaking of, still being private and also being scheduled forBF2 parachute lessons by my own guild...). It's not the same however:

Since I am a modern man, I want to be a master of 'having always trained' without the effort of 'kung-fu' (or was it the otherway round..). Someone must have thought the same: BEHOLD mortals the great power of Ragdoll Kung-Fu!!!

It's a game alright, it's about wacky Kung-Fu movies and it let's you create whatever moves you like to apply and let you use every object around. Yeah I know it looks sorta dated and 2d-ish but that is not the point: I really don't expect this to be a major game, a seller, I just expect it to be fun as hell, as a distraction that only requires a little training for the desired effect. You basically use the mouse to drag the ragdolls' limbs around to create devastating manouvers...

The above picture really cannot convey any of the possible fun this little piece of entertainment may bring, so I strongly advise you watch the trailer (warning: slow download - you can also watch it here - oh watch the second official trailer, the first one is crappy: Have fun guys, I know I will... oh and by the way it will be available for download on the Valve steam servers (no matter how evil that may be...)

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Baby Lon 5...

I got a new baby, not my first one but the first one called Lon, though technically it is the 5th incarnation of Lon since the first Lonnies didn't live long enough to be mentioned really. Why then have 5 in a row, if it's not efficient? Oh well you know how we all love our babies. Okay so Baby Lon 5 is a bit on the fat side weighing roughly 2.5 million tons (of spinning steel) but well its just like with Obelix - she's strong-boned.

Now Lonny lass may be young of age but she is already crawling with bacterial activity. Millions and millions of parasites that could not live unprotected in the space surrounding our Baby Lon 5 are swarming inside her huge body. Among the most prominent of those are Humans, Narn, Centauri, Mimbari, Vorlons and Hobbits. Okay cut out the Hobbits...different story really.

The best thing about this big Baby is that it fits sliced into lots of
tine pieces on loads of silver disks. DVDs.
So fun aside. If you were ever even remotly interested in science-fiction from a religious, scientific or political level this television series from the mid-nineties is for you. True the computer effects (at that time spectacular) look very dated, but very soon you will forget this fact, because of the dramatic, world-changing story unfolding that always comes back to unimportant and important little details covered in earlier seasons. It was one of the bigger, successful series that made it to a full of 5 seasons (it's called Babylon 5 after all) and actually managed to tell all of its story.

If you get a chance: Grab it - watch it - love it

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A friend's blog...

Steve a friend of mine is just now sitting in a plane to Japan where he will work at a company close to Tokyo for about a year. He will also visit Japan's oldest and most well-respected sword school, since he is even more of a Katana addict than me (he actually does Iaido properly, not the fun version I am adopting ever since I got those Tai-Chi lessons...).

He will be writting his experiences into the following blog, be warned though, most of it will be in German: Best wishes to Steve and if you actually have a grudge against him, as I said he is right in a specific airplane on route to Tokyo right now...

Got you buddy, got you good - and nobody will ever notice that the monster is in truth XXXX... >;o)


Disgustingly violent pets...

Well maybe there is still somebody in this world who doesn't know Happy Tree friends yet. If you haven't get to know these little urchins of gut filled blood spraying lovable pets. They are the most adorable cuddly pets imaginable, yet engage in actions so utterly horrible you just got to laugh...

Let's review this last statement: In a mental home this might sound quite normal, but in real life (such as the Internet *wink*) it sounds sorta off. Well maybe it does only to me, since in a world where for most americans sex is considered to be much more dangerous to young children than blood-drenching violence, these cuddly cartoons (aliteration anybody *grin*) may just be the right thing for our children on afternoon TV.

Since I saw how fascinated some kids around 8-14 got by the GTA games (I know they should not have been playing it, but they were not my kids, okay...) saying things like: "Oh no you need to kill more hookers, they have all the money (at least capitalism still works). Oh! You just missed another, just shoot her in the head than stomp on her corpse..." I figure that we need a new campaign for more disgusting pets that take themselves apart. THANK YOU.

For all of you adults that want to take a look at what modern kids would go crazy about, look at their website or compare these two screens:

Sweet dreams to all of you... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Short news...

Oh by the way: Everybody (not only other BLOGGER users) can now create comments. You only need to fill in the word verification... showing you are a human not a dumb machine or Terminator come from the future to leave smartass comments like I do... >;o)


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Daydreaming & Titanic...

Yesterday we were flying around in Bagdad or whatever city they depict in Battlefield 2. Sarge announced she had to go the the toilet shorty and would be back immediatly. Crawler was flying steady and well as always, but seemed caught in a sort of daydream. He always gets those when he is really excited... and he was quite excited because of a new feature...

His distractedness was immediatly used by some Arabs to send a little present our way, which coincidently just missed us and exploded when Sergeant Vanessa left the restroom.

The shockwave however did hit us, making Vanni trip and fall into her own bowl of excrements. This made her even more angry than usual when she hasted to get to the machinegun to pay those bastards back. Ace Crawler however was still dreaming, while I private Staroc was as 'high' as ever only fearing for MY life at the hands of a daydreaming pilot or should I say 'captain'?!?

I did jump AND this time my parachute button worked, I closed my eyes shortly for a quivk prayer but when I opened them, I somehow found myself in 1912 on April 14th...

Then a pterodactyl flew by, caught me with it's mighty beak, chewed me to a violent and minced death leaving me to get reborn into the conflict I knew. I spawned in the same helicopter from before that Crawler had just now managed to fly into a tower, making it explode. I awoke with a slight headache and desperate for some ice...again teaching us to be careful with what we wish >;o)

Since it is 25-30°C over here in Germany at the moment I am myself longing for some ice-cream right now, so good bye till Sunday or Monday everybody, since I won't have time to write up anything with all the wedding party (sheduled for Saturday evening) preperations for the next two days. C U around next week >;o) STAROC