Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The many faces of...

Rachel Blake. Chances are if you are as much an avid Lost fan as I am, that you may already know who I am talking about. The woman, portrayed by a possible Kate cast candidate looking slightly like the girl in the heavy rain animation, set out to stop the evil Hanso Foundation. While their website was still up, we got a good look at their 'saving the world' experiments and research areas. No one with a clear sense of mind wouldn't have felt a slight chill down their spine (horrible experiments gone wrong, mad dictators, 'same we do every night Pinky - try to take over the world' anyone?).

Then the ominous female hacker Persephone appeared to enlighten us with knowledge bits, detailing the dirty truths behind any of the Hanso Foundation's projects and staff of directors. It became evident that Alvar Hanso, founder of the whole enterprise, had been missing for quite some time and that a self-proclaimed Dr. 'Thomas Mittelwerk' was now running the show.

Here I have a little sensation for all of you like minded individuals. Diggin through old Danish newspapers, I found this 1950ish picture of the young Alvar Hanso - low as the resolution may be, it still proves that this man did exist, though medical papers found by Persephone indicate that he may be in a medical state of great illness or even die soon. Maybe he was brought to THE ISLAND for its mystic healing powers. Behold the man:


Well Rachel is just now following Mittelwerk to Iceland after a possible attack on her life. It seems Dr. Mittelwerk is overly interested in old shipping lanes and maybe a certain island we would all like to know more about...

I can only say - if ever there was ever a captivating web experience game - this one's the king... maybe you are just like me and cannot wait for more! Chances are however that you don't care at all like most of my pals or work mates - then just ignore all this and continue supporting Hanso and others >;o)

If this DID raise your humble interest just head to The revelation of Truth to be filled in, starting where we all started at 'the beginning'...

Oh and also: THE VALENZETTI EQUATION. If you do not know the formula yet, here it is in it's plain and beautiful truth: [note that the hieroglyphs on Rachel's site have been translated to a, b, c, d, e from left to right]

e -a = bc² -d. Thank you Enzo Valenzetti our modern day Einstein >;o)

Namaste and Good Luck - Staroc