Friday, March 03, 2006


Hi everybody,

I found another waste of time that I can use as an excuse for the lack of updates. BEHOLD: Go Sudoku for the PSP!!!

This junkball of a simple numbers arranging game has already cost about 42 hours of my life. At least! Since I discovered that the PSP has a very well done Sudoku implementation I am totally addicted. Before I only played online Sudoku without any flashy effects and practical funtions: like DKMSudoku. Just test that and you may already spend your next few hours doing nothing else basically. Now imagine what the PSP version with its beautiful graphics, endless puzzles and practical functions (if you have put in all 9 instances of a number it disappears as a choice...) has done to me.

In other though related news, it is now possible to enjoy GTA Liberty City Stories on Firmware V1.5 PSP (like mine) where before it was only possible on 2.0+. A great day for the gaming and homebrew community.

Also my girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Canada for this fall, which means that I need to safe a lot of money now. Which means that I won't be able to buy funky new stuff that I could try and show off with on this site. Oh well you'll just have to endure my usual shit for a lot longer.

The funniest thing I read to day was on one of my favourite sites 'Penny Arcade'. They had the a comic up at Wednesday and on Thursday received 1200 Krispy Kreme donuts from SOE's big boss John Smedley. I've been told they were filled with choclate, however I do remain sceptical (knowing what SOE manages to do with almost every product they bring out, which is essentially to turn it into shit [see StarWars Galaxies for reference]).

Well time to grab a donut myself and see you around next time for my circus of oddities - my senseless yabbing >;o)