Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My new, once per month post...

My my we already have Easter before of us (tomorrow basically at least that is what it seems like). I think I am getting old, I remember christmas like it was yesterday sometimes I think it was. Then however comes the realization that it will be xmas again just a few days after my birthday which is the day after tomorrow. Thus the year is realistically reduced to about 4 days which equals a compression-ratio of about 98,2%. My compression is the best out there basically.

I just read what I've written so far and realize that I am at the verge of madness - ahhh heck - I already passed the door, threw myself into the cuddly bed with my dirty boots on and asked madness to bring me something to chew - pronto! Well in my case that means everything is fine!!! So what have I been doing instead of just working (and not getting any research on my doctoral thesis done as usual (some research, ok but not AS MUCH as I had hoped for)) ): I have been training chanbara which is japanese swordfighting taken into the ring in an all out deathmatch with soft swords and helmets. I have also built my first table top table with the help of a friend. WOOT!

Oh and yes I did something so utterly horrible that the dimensions themselves clashed and shattered and thus caused it to snow in hell so that the demons and other hellish creatures just gave up about being total badass torturers of humanity since even they love snowball fights. There's just something so utterly and childishly fun about it that they even play it in dimensions where time and space are so warped that the Flying Spaghetti Monster actually sits at one table with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, playing bridge with Death - oh and WHO says that it isn't this dimension?!? (Oh there is one place at the moment which doesn't like snowball fighting anymore: bavaria, they like it even less then then the ENUI do and that says something...)

What I have done? Well I bought something! Something I have bought every single part of, while only really loving the first one and then only enjoying the second one. The other parts all plainly sucked more or less (ok the 4th one
wasn't so bad but that's just because I love the setting...). The thing I bought is 'Tomb Raider Legend' for the PC, as such the 7th title in a series that has been steadily declining since it's marvelous inception.


And what can I say? I am impressed, I love the game, every minute of it and I think it's as good as if not even better then the first one. This proves it, I must truly be mad. Have a nive Halloween, er Easter, yours Staroc >;o)